Thursday, June 11, 2009

odds and ends

I feel like I am blinking away time. Seems like it was just yesterday we had the All Star game and today is already one week later. Sigh. Time.

We did our workboxes today. Josh really enjoys them. Doing school work is no longer a dreadful thing. He reminded me last night to fill his boxes so he could do it right a way when he woke up this morning. He finished all the boxes by around 12:30pm. He spent the whole afternoon playing with Peter and making his Lego movie on my laptop. All my children, Erik, Christine and Joshua (we have yet to find out if Peter does) love making their own movies. I always joke that one day they should found a movie making company, maybe name it ROE'EM Inc.. LOL.!

Oh, remember I said I was going to clean the fridge last week while Josh worked at his boxes? Well, that never took place. Instead, this evening while I was cooking, I decided to clean one shelf while waiting for the veggies to cook. One shelf was done very quickly. So I pulled out another shelf, and then a drawer. Before I knew it, I had cleaned half of the fridge when dinner was ready. We ate and then I took care of Peter. After putting him down for the night, I came back down to finish the cleaning. Some how cleaning out the fridge always gives me such a sense of orderliness that no other parts of the house cleaning could. Odd. I know.

Peter was busy, too. His understanding of my requests continues to amaze me. When I ask him to sit down before I would give him something (a toy, a book, a bottle), he would just plop down right on the floor where I pointed. Today I asked him to go over by the stairs to pick up a book he left there for me to put away, didn't fully expect him to know my request, he did it! He scurried over and picked the book and HANDED it to me -he knows how I feel about throwing things in the house, especially books. What a smart little boy he is. His brother and sister adore him and his Daddy loves spending time with him - why, Peter greets him with such shouts of joy when he comes home from work everyday! As Joshua said today: "Mom, I can't remember what life was like before Peter is here." I agree, Peter's "spunkiness" has added so much to our home. We love you, Peter boy!

I love a clean fridge...

It energizes me. :)

These days Peter loves to put things in and out of a box. Here he is dumping all of the brown packing papers out...

and putting them back in the box!

This is one of those scholastic book that has the transparent overlays in it. We got this book from a give-away table. The vivid color (this one has a rain forest theme) draws him in every time.

He is trying to "pick" the flower out of the overlay. It is so cute to watch.

Guess he likes birds, too. Peter is very much like Erik in the way with books. Erik loves books from a very early age on and so does Peter. Every morning Peter would find at least one chapter book to "carry" around, obviously he does not read, but the lines of black and white in the pages seem to interest him greatly. Who knows, we may have another early reader (Boxcar Children books?)!

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