Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FLY meeting

It's been a long while since I attended our local FLY group meeting. It was good seeing everyone again tonight. Everyone seemed to be FLYing wonderfully! Pam shared her baking storage photos which was so motivating for me to think about getting the rack to organize my baking sheets under my kitchen sink cabinet. Well, I will make a note on my purchase list in my Home Management Binder and will get to it when I hit that area in my master list of reorganization!

Cindi bought these old California Weekly Explorers for me tonight to see if I could use them. What a great timing! We will be studying our state next Fall so this will give us a "preview" in summer time when we are doing the light schooling.

I just finished loading up the workboxes. The system is really working well in this household. I am thankful for it.

Can't wait to digest these weekly magazines! Thanks Cindi!

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