Thursday, April 16, 2009

Home Management Binder Revamp part 1

Knowing I won't be able to blog much this weekend, I thought I would post my home management binder revamp progress quickly here.
I only had enough time to finish the "out-line" for this week. I will refine the details next week.

My binder - Before.

Step 1 - Picked out two sheets of the pretty spring flower photo mounting papers.

Step 2 - Remove everythting inside the binder. A fresh start.

Step 3 - Inserted the pretty paper in the front and binding of the binder. The back side of the binder presented a small problem. The three ring part is held by two "round nails" on top of the plastic.

I used an X-acto knife to cut around the "nails" until the plastic cover came loose. Not sure if you could see it. I held up the plastic with a butter knife.

Is this a better picture of the nails ?

Step 4 - completed the inserting of the cover. When I change the cover next time, I could use the papers in my photo album. No waste here. I want to change the cover papers in each season of the year.

Now I am ready to tackle the inside. Isn't it a pretty print?

I keep a pouch inside the binder to hold pens and coupons and little reminder notes I wrote for myself. I have the MoSoap coupon here. I love the soap I ordered from this on-line shop. It is a different topic for another day.

My first page is the wonderful writing from Debi Pearl. I read it every now and then for inspiration.

The first tab. I put this one first because I am having many projects and some purchases I would like to have accomplished.

I put a complete date column to keep track of it - just for fun.

Same thing with the purchase page. Just want to see how long we can do without an item.
Next I have the schedules tab...
That's where I keep all of the routines and other plans.
I skipped the Menu and Cleaning tabs to the Recipe tab, due to the fact that I haven't found the designs and verses I like to put in there, yet.
I printed out recipes from the Internet and from Bloggers. I always make sure to put where I found the recipe for credit's sake. This one is from the Pioneer Woman.
Well, I hope to finish the whole revamping project next week. No, you don't need a binder to clean or organize your home. It's just that I like planning, the binder helps me to focus and re-focus from time to time, on the tasks I need to start or to finish.
Have a blessed weekend!
Update: To part 2 of this project click here.


thehomespunheart said...

Great job!

Lauren said...

I love this binder. Mine is rather plain as of now. I hope to jazz it up soon!! :-)

Rebecca said...

Wow! What a great inspiration for me. I just started doing FLY lady and your post is a wonderful visual for me. Would you come to my house and do mine?? ;)

Thanks for joining in with our series - and have a great weekend.

Anna said...

Looks great! I am inspired by your pretty cover and dividers. I need to revamp my binder. (I call it my LIFE book.) Mine is very plain, but I have lots of scrapbooking paper, so maybe I can make it look better.