Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carpet cleaning

What a weekend we had! Robert woke up at 6:30am on Saturday telling me he was going to Home Depot and rent a carpet steam cleaning machine for this weekend's project! What a surprise! I knew he was thinking about doing it but didn't expect it to be this past weekend. Anyway, the whole house's carpet is clean now. It is a great feeling but I sure am glad we don't do this every year. We practically squeezed by each other every time we moved around these last two days! LOL! While Robert and the kids were cleaning inside of the house, I was in the garage re-organizing. We worked really hard but had a marvelous time doing so. I was only able to tackle two parts of the garage (my body was aching too much). We will continue the cleaning up in the next few weeks. Our goal this summer is to get the garage thoroughly cleaned out and organized down to the last detail. We will see how this project will fan out by September 1st.

Christine and I just LOVE this empty space. We joked that we should just live like this and not to have to move the furniture back in. :)

We moved the dinning table into the kitchen area and "lived" there for two days. Peter is having fun playing with his pacifier.

Here's Robert doing a very thorough job with the cleaning.

"I cleaned the carpet all by myself... " (remember the movie Cast Away in that Tom Hank said he built the fire all by himself? Hahaha)

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Roe Family said...

It looks great! I love open space!