Friday, June 5, 2009


It is Friday and I am glad it is . We finished school early this afternoon. Joshua finished reading "Charlotte's Web" for his book report next week. It rained at about 2:30pm when I left for Kim's home to pick up the curriculum guide. My body is aching so badly right now. I have been in this kind of body pain for a while, not sure of the cause but it feels like I've run a 10 miles marathon. Sigh. I can't wait to get to heaven, where I'd receive a new body and no more agony of illness.

I haven't been able to blog much lately as everyday is so productive with schooling activities since the workboxes implementing. I am excited at the changes, yet at the same time, I am exhausted after the nightly online reading of educational aid reviews.

I also have put my home making projects on back burners since about three weeks ago. I may have to multi-task a bit next week during the workbox time to catch up (like two minutes per box as Joshua goes through them and I'd tackle some bite size cleaning, ie. the refrigerator). I don't like multi-tasking, especially during school time but I will give it a try and if it is too much I will stop and just schedule another time for the cleanings.

Joshua's team won 11 to 10 at yesterday's All Star baseball game. To say they were thrilled was an understatement. They were overjoyed! See the picture below. Scott has some how been on the same teams with Joshua for about 6 seasons now between soccer and baseball. Joshua received a congratulations gift from the Neuzil family - a big treat to In-N-Out! Thank you, Kim and family, for your encouragement! :)

Scott and Josh wearing their medals.

Looked like we have gained another Charlie Brown fan...

Peter's latest favorite - the magnetic darts!

Yup! Peter gets his own boxes, too. :)

Every morning, Peter has to carry this hard cover book to walk around the house and pretend to read it, too. :)

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Roe Family said...

look at all those toys! He looks so much like Josh!