Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day two with the Workbox System

Another smooth sailing day with the Workbox system. I am very pleased with it.

I am very tired right now. The last five days I was consumed with the setting up and planning of the system that I had gotten very little sleep each night. It's so worth it, though.

I am looking at the clock now and it said 10:27pm. What happened? Seemed like we just had dinner and I gave Peter a bath and put him to bed, ate some watermelon with Josh and tried to get on here to post my thought on the day and it said that I need to go to bed. Sigh. The older I get the faster the time passes.

Anyway, Christine took some more pictures today. They were all very lovely. I like her view of things and how she captured the moment. I think she will do well in her photography pursuit.
The kids had a great time playing with the domino yesterday and today. That's another good thing about the system. It made me bring out all of those fantastic toys from my storage boxes and let them play (and learn).
After this week, I might be ordering the Math-U-See program to further enhance our math appreciation. :)
Christine's captured moment.
Let's make some patterns!
That's awesome work, kids!
Let's see how high can we go... (it fell after three more tiles on level 6 - good tried, Josh).

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