Saturday, May 9, 2009

Restoring order week three

In keeping with the restoring order challenge, I tackled the storage/linen closet. This week was busy but we had much fun. With that said, I didn't get to the closet until Friday afternoon. Amazingly (as I had suspected), it didn't take much time to re-organize the closet. My goal was to sort them through and "detail" some containers later.
Do you see that little drawer set? I like to compartmentalize when it comes to housing small items. I like the little drawers and would get them at Target when I have a need for one that truly would add to the organizing of our home. The drawers provide an easy clean-up step - especially for younger children. Remember the one-motion storage method I mentioned? I am doing more and more of that type of re-organization, so that the maintenance part would be easier, thus the motivation of up keeping.
Lots of purging went into this project. Boy, did that feel good! Didn't even realize I have that many table cloths! Now I can find them easily.


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