Friday, May 1, 2009

Christine made some pizzelles

"Some" may not be a right word for the batch(s) of pizzelles (conjolate) Christine made a couple days ago. These cookies look like waffle and taste like it, but firmer. They are beautiful. Roxane (Christine's cooking teacher) let her borrow this antique (waffle?) cookie maker and the designs on the cookies are just beautiful. I don't think we could buy one anywhere, perhaps we will keep borrowing from Roxane whenever Christine feels like making these cookies. :) One good thing, though, these cookies could last a long time, something like two weeks in the open and longer if kept cool. Roxane, if you are reading this, could you please fill us in? Thank you. :)
The dough.

put it right in the center of the press...
count to 15 then flip to the other side, another 15... done.

It is so easy that Christine suggested her mom to try it.... it was easy. Mom agreed.

On one side is this...

On the other side is this... Aren't they pretty?

Ya think these will last us a bit longer than the chocolate cookies? Jodi, Emily, Chad, Mr. and Mrs. Neuzil, would you care to try some?

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Iosue said...


I can't tell you how proud I am of you...go, girl, go! They are beautiful. I can almost reach in and take one! Excellent, excellent, job. I'm glad you remembered not to over cook them. these look perfect...perfectly beautiful!!!!! As for the storage, you can just stack them up and put them in a brown bag, or as my mother-in-law does, she lines a shirt gift box with tissue paper or a paper towel and stores them in there. They should last nearly 2 weeks. Maybe even longer, depending on humidity, etc. in your house.You can also store them in a tupperware container. I have never frozen them, so I can't recommend that. Monte Carlo's Italian Market in Burbank sold the irons the last time I looked, it's been awhile, but at that time they were about $15.00. Of course they were not like this one. Theirs was a round one and was not seasoned.As you know after using mine, it is well seasoned and has been used lovingly for many many years. Anytime you want to use it, just let me know. It cries out for love!!!

For the Glory of God...


P.S. I love your music! Maybe you can let me borrow it so I can use it for the Awana slideshow.