Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beach fun

We decided to go to the beach this afternoon since it was so hot. But by the time we got there, the sun had disappeared behind the stratus clouds. We were disappointed. We were hoping to see the sun set but ended up going home early as it was getting colder and colder and we didn't bring any jackets with us. I wrapped Peter in a beach towel to keep him warm and eventually we just had to leave. :(
When we got out of the beach area, the sun came back out again! Oh well, this was the first beach trip of the year. We will be back!

This was the building we saw on our way to the beach, the kids thought that's odd to have a Jewish business above the Psychic place.

Peter was so excited about the ocean that he squealed so hard.

He was taking it all in.

It was a high tide and rough water day but the kids loved it! That's Dan there in the wet suit...

Where did Dan go? There he was, under the ocean crest...

We saw some seals and dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Robert was trying to take as close up of a picture as he could...

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