Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peter and Uncle Eddie

Peter is 14 months old today! How time flies! Peter is learning more and more each day. It is a joy to watch him discovering new things and making new face expressions. Yesterday he showed us a monkey face.
I think he knows every one's name in the house including Bunny, our miniature rabbit.
Even though he is still eating all the "baby" food I have been feeding him, he wants to try our food every time when he sees us putting something into our mouths.
I give him baths every night as the weather is getting warmer and he crawls and feels everything, everywhere. He loves his bath because he likes to play with his little rubber ducky and splashes the water. Even though I don't let him take a long bath (due to extremely dry skin issues), I do make sure he has had some fun before drying him up. He sleeps so much deeper after a bath.
Peter loves outdoors. He is most happy when we take him to Josh's ball game, PauPau's backyard, or just plain old shopping trips.
We are planning to get him a new toddler car seat soon as he is really out growing his infant car seat now. We are waiting for a good sale to get the bigger one. We plan to get it before June comes.
We went to see my brother Eddie at my mom's house this afternoon, who is visiting here from Australia. Peter was shy at first meeting him but warmed up to him after a while. We also saw my SIL Lee and my sister Anne. It was good to see them but we had to leave after a short visit so Christine could come home to finish her school work.
The weather was so good it begged for the kids to play outside at PauPau (my Mom)'s backyard. That suited Peter just fine. Christine snapped some pictures of the different flowers from the backyard, she did a great job! She is hoping to receive a nice camera for her birthday and to also sign up for a photography class, we will see what we can do...

Precious Peter.

Peter and Uncle Eddie.

Peek-a-boo with brother Josh!

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