Friday, April 24, 2009

Restoring Order

We decided to finish our current week's de-cluttering project this morning as soon as we got up. Christine and Joshua had finished their bookshelf upstairs. I finished re-organizing the Living area bookshelf. We had to create the bottom two shelves for Peter's hardboard books so that he won't be pulling out the soft covers. When I was ready to post the pictures, I couldn't find my "before" pictures! Oh well, maybe you can refer to my previous posts to get a glimpse of the before if I some how caught it in the pictures I have posted. It was quite a transformation, especially the upstairs bookshelf.
After we re-organized the bookshelves, we went on to vacuuming. It was done in a flash as Christine and Joshua shared the chore.
I also finished my Home Management Binder yesterday. It does feel good to have projects accomplished. Thank you Monica and Rebecca for putting out the restoring order inspiration.
This was the during ... (Jodi, we can't read your dust writing any more, it's gone. :))

This was "after" and Christine was letting us know that is her shelf...

Peter decided to join in the book fun.

I cleared out the bottom two shelves for Peter's books.

He is so happy to have his own bookshelves.

Vacuuming the stairs.

Christine vacuumed the Living/dinning room area. She did not want to be in the picture this time...

Forgot to mention that dinner is prepared and will be in the oven at 4pm today. After that we will be having our family old movie night. I like Friday.

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thehomespunheart said...

Great job restoring order in your home! Enjoy your weekend!