Thursday, April 23, 2009

Home Management Binder Revamp Part 2

I completed my Binder revamp. It took about two weeks but now I feel so refreshed with the "maps" in place to manage our home. I have also changed the title pages since I started the revamping last week. I want a crisp look this time. :)
I asked myself why is it so vital for me to have that binder. I pondered upon it for a while and have come to this conclusion: The purpose of the binder serves as a reminder for me to take care of my home. Period. I have some of the routines and times to do it so ingrained that it has become second nature to me. My goal is not to look at the binder daily and follow it, but try to work from memory and its importance of what I have written down for the daily routines/chores. However, I do check the binder every now and then to see what routines/chores that I still need to commit to my memory.
The cover.
Zipped pouch.
First page.
First Tab. Here's where I keep my organizing projects and purchase lists.
A home for all of my routines and chores.
I sectioned them into areas or zones as the FLYLady has it. This one is the kitchen area.
Followed by Living/Dinning area and Bathrooms.
Then the bedrooms. Bookshelves are my biggest challenge, a page is needed to tackle it - actually, I like the picture so much that I decided to make a bookshelf page. LOL!
The Tasks are color coded for the job frequency.

This one is a life saver.
I store my pre-print blank shopping lists here on the left. Put one up on the front of the cabinet door every week. A monthly menu page also lives here.
Shopping List close-up.
Monthly Menu page close-up. We actually didn't follow all of the planned meals this month as we had some out of town days, but it is, none the less, a good guide line to have.
This is where we really make an effort to go green.
I printed out many home made cleaning solutions from the Internet.
I only kept our favorites in this section. When it gets to be too thick, I might consider a separate binder just for the recipes.
I put all of the loose odd size and "will try" recipes here.
Here is the place for all the contact information.
Last but not least, my "pick-me-up" section.


Jason and Danielle said...

so you don't know me but I found your blog through homespun heart and I love this binder idea. I have one similar but not as into depth and I am so inspired right now.

Amy said...

Great Job!
I made one years ago, but that was when I was still a perfectionist, so of course crashed and burned and never finished it:)
It is a goal of mine to do one this year, but mine will be an online version.
I use Circus Ponies Notebook (it is a virtual online notebook that you can add tabs to, etc) program for Mac users. I love it.
You inspired me to get it more organized and a bit more info into it. Thanks!