Saturday, April 18, 2009


We just got back from a short visit to my in-laws. We had a good time as usual. While there, we went to a Library book sale in town and I found these jewels for only $8.25! Of course, Grandma Liz insisted on paying for them, so we got all of these books as a gift from her. Thank you, grandma Liz! Grandma Liz specifically picked out the Christmas and Good Night books for Peter. The Good Night book has such beautiful illustration in it. I love older children books with beautiful illustrations.
Christine found an "how-to" short-hand book and was so excited that she started learning it immediately. That's one beauty about homeschooling. Your children can learn at anytime and at their own pace.
The Princess Diana book is a fun read for Christine and me. We like her classy look very much.

Getting these books has reminded me that I really need to re-organize my book shelves. That's another good thing about homeschooling - we love books and have lots of them!

Christine and Peter enjoying the Spring breeze at gramp's place.

Peter snuggled with grandma Liz.

Relaxing in Grandma Liz's arms.

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