Friday, March 27, 2009

FLY Day 6 - Hot Spots

Today we are FLYing in Day 6! Today's task is probably the most effective task anyone can accomplish and feels very good about the result.
I was asked why don't I just go to the FLYlady's website and just do what it says?
The reason I am not going to the FLYlady's website and just get fired up (it could happen - it happened every time when I tried to re-start this method) and I will be really good about it for a while and then the "fire" died down. I decided to use the Blog for my personal accountability, doing very small steps at a time. It has been working very well so far since I started this last week. I don't feel the pressure and I know my priority in this season of my life. The house is getting cleaner (still too small of an improvement to get any notice) but most importantly, I get motivated again.
If you are FLYing also, what would be your biggest hinder?

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