Friday, March 27, 2009

What a morning

This morning after I took Robert to the bus station, I tried to get back to bed for another hour but Peter wouldn't let me. I tried to coax him with toys and books to play and read in his crib, but no! He wanted Mama. Finally Joshua came to the rescue, he took him down stairs to feed him some whole wheat cheerio and a bottle of goat milk to hang him over until I got up (supposedly 30 more minutes) to feed him his breakfast. I just needed some uninterrupted 30 minutes to catch up the sleep - that's when I heard the screaming! Joshua couldn't locate the pacifier and Peter was crying like murder. I then lost my cool and got down stairs and was just completely upset with the both of them. While we were trying to locate the pacifier, I glanced at the living/dinning area, I lost it again! I told Joshua that if I have a wish where to live I would like to live in a land that has nothing! There were stuff everywhere my eyes landed in this place. I was so depressed with the scene that I picked up the box-house and threw it over! I picked up the play-pen and threw it side way! I didn't know what'd gotten into me - I was so frustrated and upset. Now I know it was probably due to the lack of sleep on my part. Screaming kid and lack of sleep are just not a good combination. I finally calmed down, accepting the fact that I won't be going back to sleep any more and just got ready to feed Peter his "second breakfast". Joshua, bless his heart, in hope to cheer his Mommy up, he started cleaning up the entire area - all by himself! It only took about 10 minutes and he got the living/dinning area cleaned up. I hugged him and thanked him for blessing me with the service. Tonight I think I am going to hit the sack earlier!

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