Friday, March 27, 2009

My Hot Spots

I have many hot spots in my home. The main three I called the Super Hot Spots are: the sides of the kitchen sink, the two ends of the kitchen counter top (we have a U-shape type of kitchen counter) where everyone walks in from the garage and just dumps EVERYTHING on those spots. The last but not the least is my computer desk top. As I mentioned before, it doesn't take long at all to have things cover that area. As I am typing this, I see that there are already some items which DO. NOT even belong there - sunglasses!? a half folded paper towel!? Dark chocolate and Joshua's journal book. But worry not, I have already cleared the sides of the sink - didn't take long at all, keeping the sink clear (even got some flowers put into two vases - my camera is not available at this moment but will post some pictures when I got it back). I have yet to tackle the counter tops and computer desk top. It probably just takes me a minutes to clear the desk top since I have been on top of it. The counter tops, though... mmm, that might take a little longer be...cause... I have been avoiding them (oops..). :)

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