Monday, March 23, 2009

FLY - Day 2 - Get dressed to lace up shoes

I decided to go on with Day 2 today even though it is a Monday. I did what it said but without make-up and laced shoes. I would probably do it when we have a wood floor. And no, I do not post yellow notes all over my home. LOL! I have my control journal started but need to revamp some of the routines. It is just that this time I am taking it easy, I know (very well by now) that crash and burn is not a way to do it. I also know that keeping a home organized is an on going process. I want to enjoy the journey.

I did a little de-cluttering and organization over the weekend. Being a homeschooling family, it seems like I always have lots of school papers and books to sort through. I reorganized parts of the cabinets in the garage. I forgot to take a before picture, I have the "during" picture here and will post an "after" picture when the project is done.

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