Monday, March 23, 2009

Peter's 12 month check-up

Well, Peter's gotten his check-up this morning. He now weighs 24 lb. 12 oz. ( no wonder I am having such a hard time holding him) and his height is 30.14 inches. Doctor Pat was happy to see him being so healthy. Her encouragement was much appreciated. Well, Peter smiled at everyone in the doctor's office until the four shots took place. Poor guy! He looked at the nurse as to say: "Why did you hurt me?" He was fine afterward, though. I just put him down for his morning nap and I gave him 1.6 mL Tylenol hopefully that will help him to sleep a bit longer.

Peter is doing fine with his growth. He could stand (but don't want to walk yet), he understands a lot of what we say to him. He can say Dah! Dah! (for Daddy) and mmmaaaa (for mommy), he can even say jjjjjssshhh (for Josh) and ssstttd (for Christine). His favorite song is Pat-a-cake, he dances every time he hears music. Laugh out loud when we do "peek-a-pooh" type of games with him. He also knows Bunny and loves watching it. He has such a tight gripping that we literally have to pry items out of his hands. He has a great appetite for an one-year-old. I am so glad that we are able to give him "big-people" food now - I just need to watch out for the food size. He has two teeth but the doctor said that it looks like the top teeth are just about to come in - teething cookies are not going to quicken the process, said she.

I thank the Lord for a healthy son and pray that I would continue to nourish Peter with wisdom and diligence in the coming years.

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