Sunday, July 17, 2016

Old Skill, New Tool

Do you know how to use chopsticks? Do you ask for a fork in Asian restaurants?
I have been using chopsticks my whole life and have always taken the skill of using chopsticks for grant. It's something all Asians do so no biggies.

We like cold brewed coffee and to use the simple low tech cold brew coffee maker, there are a few must have items. We have been doing the cold brewed coffee for years without any incidents until last month. First the glass jar broke and then we could not find the stopper of the coffee maker. I replaced the jar easily since I have many glass jars in the house but the stopper was a different story. We searched high and low in the kitchen and eventually went to Lowe's and got a plastic stopper replacement (not rubber) and things are back to normal again, Not perfect, but it worked.

Last week when I turned on the garbage disposal, I heard some funny sound but because we were busy with the wedding reception I just decided there were some stubborn orange peels that got down there and needed more time to be ground down so I went on with life. Today, when hubby and I heard it again, I was puzzled and then he shouted: "It's the coffee maker stopper! It has to be it!" I looked at him and looked the disposal mouth and then looked at our hands. Our hands are just too big to reach down there to figure out if it was the stopper. So we grab a flash light and shined down the throat of the disposal and sure enough, there it was - the stopper! Calling our young son over in hope to see if his little hand can reach down there and pick it up, that's when I had a thought! How about my chopsticks? They are skinny enough to reach down there and I can just pick it up like I pick up a piece of meat from the meal plate...
Yup! The old chopsticks and my "skill" of using them saved the day!

Now the chopsticks are my new "long tweezers" on my tool list. How cool is that?

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