Thursday, January 24, 2013

Small Bathroom

Small - That is the description of our hallway bathroom.

It would be fine for just one person or a couple, but with the four of us using it, it calls for some careful storage and diligent daily up keeping.

When I first saw the house, the bathrooms really turned me off. They are just... old...and small.

I was spoiled by our condo's 90's bathroom features - airy, good storage cabinets, adjustable shelving medicine cabinet, window, etc.

I believe I spent lots of time trying to update this small space the minute we moved in, to my dismay, there's still some more to do, but it is functional right now.

Using this small room by all of us made me think of de-cluttering every time I am in there. Thus it makes me think of routine and good habits as well. Something I would write a post about soon.

However, I am very content, because despised of all that "I wish I haves", I have running hot water at the turn of the faucet, something that is considering a luxury in some countries. I will put up with the "unfinished small functional bathroom" any time.

Do we have a Master bathroom? Yes, but that will be another post.

This was what it looked like when we first moved in. I was having a very hard time to work with the brown/beige color theme instead of the black/gray/white color theme I had in the condo which I so loved.

I found this cool looking shower curtain at Bed Bath & Beyond. It helped set the tone of the room. The cotton white mat was from World Market.  

After the incident of the fallen wall mounted bathroom cabinet (from Target - extremely heavy), I got this two-drawer floor cabinet. It works very well. The top part became a place to hold dirty clothes before we jump into the tub. No more clothes on the floor. I keep this top space clear at all time. The bottom drawer holds the TPs perfectly. I am still working on the stuff in that wrought iron basket. At least it is corralling all the regularly used items at this point.

The top drawer houses the daily bathroom items. I have an idea of a better spot for the tooth brushes. I will update it when I get it done. I keep my make-up bag in the other bathroom.

I (I meant Robert) added a simple wooden peg on the back of the door and it instantly gave the bathroom a little more breathing room on the towel control. I changed all the bathroom fixtures to match the light fixture as close as I could make it

Love this mirror. It was a house warming gift from a dear friend. It looks light and airy in here which is what I really want to create. For the warmer season, I will change out the shower curtain to a white one and will put this one back on in cooler weather. The wall and the grouting behind the sink need a desperate make over. Another project down the road.

If it looks crowded here, it is! I try to keep this area as clutter free as possible. The one pretty thing I replaced was the toilet lid. It has some embroidered print on the edge of the lid. A bit pricey but worth the extra as it is very sturdy for the rough handling of many hands many times a day. See the wall damage above the toilet tank? That was where the heavy cabinet once were. I may put a frame there some day - definitely not a priority. What I did not have a picture of is the old ventilation fan. A new one is needed badly. I make sure no one closes that bathroom door after each use so it could get aired out. Without a window, this place needs lots of airing out to avoid mold build-up. :)

Here is the aftermath of the heavy cabinet fell off the wall one early morning in December. We heard this loud tumbling down roar mixed with glass shattering. Yeah... a morning no one wants to repeat. How it landed facing the sink is still a mystery to us.

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