Sunday, May 6, 2012

Our Lives

It has been a great many days and weeks since my last post. The lack of posting only meant one thing - We have been super busy.
Every now and then I would say to myself: "time to write a post" then something else would pop up and there went the momentum of writing. Because it is the busiest time in my life and because I am not sure if anyone is still reading my blog, I have decided to take a break from blogging until I catch up with life a little and then perhaps I will return to this little space of mine in blogland.
Lest you worry, I AM taking pictures and journaling my life still, just in a little different format. I am digi-scrapbooking again. So, life is preserved, just not so open.
Heaven knows I have so many ideas and projects gone through my mind almost on a daily basis. Again, priority rules and it is time to say: "I am taking a break and will be back soon, hopefully."
Thank you for stopping by and checking up on me, my blog friends. It has been fun!
Here is the last slew of photos. Enjoy!
Until next time... God bless!

 Peter is in his next level of building - obstacle layering or whatever you want to call this... Love it!

 This only means one thing... Spring is HERE! Yay!

 Christine's last Soiree! Here is the dress I mentioned in my other post. It was a beautiful dress and she wore it well.

 All the beauties!

 Joshua's fruit creation. He has the patience and an eye with 3-D art.

 Peter the little Chinese boy... He found the hat and wore it for half a day. :)

 This is how we sometimes take our naps. This was a posed nap, though. :)

 New Juicing recipe - "The Sunset"...

 Tasted great, too!

 "Apples" of my eye. ♥

 Peter and his "Stairs".

 ABC time.

 More "Stairs" - he builds stairs with anything that resembling a stair case. lol!

 He is grouping! Yay!

 Cheapest grade eggs I got from the store vs. Free Range organic feed eggs from someone's backyard - I definitely can taste the difference!

 Flower centerpiece from a Scholarship Banquet. Lovely! Great idea of using the glass and glass pebbles.

 Strategy Club - Chess Time!

 Lantern Love!

 Bamboo Love!

 Peter building again! The structure is quite intricate this time...

 Went to a baby shower (I love bridal/baby showers - a new chapter in one's life), isn't this a genius idea to hold the paper plates and napkins?

 Another cute idea - leaves of friends wall hang instead of a guestbook that you may never look at again.

 Orange - my new favorite color and this napkin ball totally jazzed up the backyard.

 I would love to get this plate holder wrought iron one day. Such elegant display of food.

My sweet daughter making cookies. This reminded me of her first batch of cookies she made with her Daddy. I am going to miss her dearly comes September. ♥

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