Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Memories

It is one of our favorite traditions in our homeschooling group ~ Valentine Park Day!
It was a wonderful sunny day as well. We all went and had a splendid day with our fellow homeschoolers.

Christine's grade. Such elegant paper bags!

Joshua's grade - fun bags!

Peter helping me with the bags.

Peter's grade - our bags he helped me made!

Peaking in...

Still too early, he at least saw the one I put in his bag. :)

Some sweet older students baked all these cute cupcakes to hand out and guess what? Peter did not like cupcakes! Strange kid! lol!

But he would like one of these lovelies.

While waiting, he went to the play ground and had some sliding fun with his little friends.
I had to take this picture as last year he did not even want to try climbing these steps.  He has grown quite a bit physically and a bit more adventure some.

Now the bag is full and time to take it home.

We went out for a little treat after that. Sorta a sweet little tradition we have. Joshua is way taller than me now.  I love this picture.

Me and my little guy ♥

All the "sweet" love for Peter from his classmates!

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