Monday, January 2, 2012

A Thoughtful Husband's Love & MG1

Christine had a mini photo session with J&C today and I tagged along so I could visit with them. It was very sweet of J to surprise his lovely wife C with a nice hotel stay (the one they got married at four years ago) as an anniversary gift to her. He set up the baby sitting, packed her clothes and even managed to have her pick out a color matching new outfit for the photo session. He should share this great "loving your wife" idea at a man's meeting to encourage other husbands to have gestures as such that the wives would truly appreciate their thoughts and efforts.
Back at the home front, there are still much to do to get the house back in order but I think everyone is tired of painting for a while and just wanted a break from it all. My to-do list was put on hold because I wanted to spend time with the family. However, I forgot today is Monday and that Robert and Joshua have CAP meeting so my plan was back fired. Oh well, I have at least 363 more days to finish this project (just hope it won't take that long) so I could relax a little. :)
Mini Goal #1: Find another place for the books from this bookshelf.

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