Monday, January 23, 2012

Another productive Monday

Just came in from watching Joshua get promoted to be a Cadet Tech Sergent at the Squadron.  It was wonderful to see his hard work get paid off. So proud of him. For his next four years, I will treasure the time I have with him as he is becoming a young man and the time to spend with Mom is getting shorter.  It will be Dad's time soon, and for the rest of his life, perhaps.
Anyway, here is a picture from this evening (this is the only somewhat clear picture out of the three a dad took for us) Bummer.

On a different note, I have been sketching up designs for my card making class. I think both scrapbooking and card making (or any crafts) is truly my creative outlet and I need them to balance the busy mom life a bit. Here are the first two cards I put together this afternoon (with tons of phone calls in between). Did you notice the subtle details on the red part of the "I love You" card?  It looks way cool in person! One day I will have an Etsy shop...

What a productive day I had. I am beginning to like Mondays, I guess partly is because we don't have co-op classes on Mondays and also that I got fed spiritually from my Sunday school class.

One more thing... Happy Chinese New Year!

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