Monday, December 5, 2011


Ever since I started the Juicing journey, I have been eating more salads. It is a new thing for me as I did not grow up in a family that eats salad as part of a meal.  We eat luttuce and herbs and other hard veggies such as cucumber and hiccama with cooked meat or egg rolls and rice pasta though. Just not a salad before main dish.

Then I came to America.

I first learned to eat sushi and I found out I like it but unfortunately I am the only one in my family who likes the raw fish.  Joshua will eat the California rolls but that's all from the Japanese cuisine.

I still miss my noodles and rice soup for breakfast from time to time - those are my comfort food in the morning.

Then I discovered the organic food world.  That has changed our entire eating habit. We now shop at Trader Joe's and Lassen's almost exclusively except for a few canned green chilies for a certain recipe I have to get at Pavilions and certain type of cheese from Costco. Our immune system has improved greatly due to a healthier diet.

Then entered the raw foodies I found on blog land.  I read about them but eating raw food all the time is just not my cup of tea so I discounted it.

Lo and behold, after juicing for almost two months now, I have been eating many salads before dinner.  Yeah... lettuce and all other raw veggies... I also have become a very discriminated salad eater.

~My salad has to be colorful and nourishing. Period.~

I can't just eat a green salad, it somehow just does not please my palates.  I have to have the colors of green, red, white, yellow (no blue though) and something crunchy like croutons (most of the time I made them from scratch) in my salad bowl and the ingredients have to be nourishing at the same time. I normally put avocado pieces, sliced eggs, cransins, pine nuts, carrots, mushroom, green onion and of course Romain lettuce (please quit eating iceberg lettuce, it has no nutritional value what so ever.  Romain on the other hand is a more hearty green for your health - just Google it and you will be surprised at the goodness this lettuce provides.)

Here is a blurry picture of my half eaten colorful salad...
 Yummy...! and I eat a smaller portion on the main meal. So yeah, I still eat everything as I used to before my juicing life but now in a moderate portion (except the salad).

I purchased this book because I really like the author and her In-Law family.  Of course I like the book as well as it is full of whole food info and just overall a very enticing book for a salad newbie as myself. Go check out her website. You will be glad you do. :)

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