Sunday, June 5, 2011

Natural Glue Remover

Ever since I found out I could wash my hair and my face with baking soda and water (I already use baking soda for household cleaning), I have been on a mission finding other kitchen ingredients having usages for more than cooking.

We have been experimenting the natural deodorant and have decided it works for us.  Our next step was to clean out an used deodorant tube and to put the new natural stuff in it.

Well, cleaning off the old deodorant cake part was easy, but trying to clean off the glue from the peeled off label was a pain!  I tried using a razor, rubbing alcohol and even soaked the tube in vinegar water overnight, but to no prevail. When I was about to give up, I glanced over the counter and saw my olive oil, then my womanly wired brain clicked - I remember reading somewhere that oil can actually cleanse... So I grabbed it and the rest was history.

Of course, there is Goo Gone but I wanted something natural and if the oil works, it is natural enough for me. :)

 The sticky mess (this was after the overnight vinegar-water bath).

 Just a tiny drip of olive oil on it.

 Rub it in a circular motion with my finger. Ahem, someone needs some hand lotion badly.

 When I got the knife to scrape the glue off, They all came off immediately, without any effort!

 I proceeded to rinse the tube with soap water and a green scrub pad (very gently)...

 Voila! Stickiness no more!

~ One more usage of olive oil besides cooking and polishing wood items. Woohoo!

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Michelle said...

Love it! I came up with an all natural way to clean the stove too:) Hope you'll come check it out.

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