Wednesday, June 8, 2011


LEGO building occupies Peter's playtime more than any other toys at this time. He absolutely loves to build - especially stairs or anything resembling stairs/steps.  He is really fast in building them too. I can't help but keep snapping these creations of his every time I catch him building them.  I have posted some in the past, here are some more.  He is also very color coordinated, I noticed.  He would insist on putting all the same color together to build a contraption! So adorable!

 Pyramid or double stairs?

Here it shows how fast he was putting the apparatus together.

 Done and added to the line.

 Nice staircases...

 Someone has to test it out.

 More testing...

 So fun...

 Let's turn the staircases upside down... Still look like a staircase, just don't walk "in" it.

Even at breakfast time.

 How about gymnastic poles?


 Look like someone can use a tricycle this Christmas...

 Big brother built him this one for now.

A Christmas tree, Oh Peter.

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