Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday My Boy

Peter you turned three today.
A milestone for sure. It is for me, at least. I've had to learn how to raise a child all over again since your birth. It was not always a smooth path but one that I am glad to travel at anytime.

By God's grace, we both survived these last three years - with our hearts knitted tighter and our looks to each other better understood. Peter you are a high energy toddler and I am a much older mom when you arrived. People could visualize our days, couldn't they? :)
As usual, I like to write down your growth on this special day of yours as a mean of remembering all the big/small moments in your three years of life so far.

Peter, in no chronological order:

You still love to eat avocados seven days a week if I let you.

Egg is your upmost favorite food and like avocado, you could eat eggs all day if I let you (but I know better). You like eggs so much that you even learned how to spell the word! You are so cute.

You said your first short sentence two days ago to your sister: "Nie-nie Khizz broth..." (it meant Christine you kiss brother, too.) because you wanted to make sure your brother also got a kiss from your sister after she kissed you. You are so adorable! I hope to hear you repeat that short phrase again and again. ♥

You know how to count 1 - 10 forward and backward solidly. You blow us away every time you do that!

You like to count with mom at bed time to 100 and make up songs to go along with the numbers.
"The B-i-b-l-e" is your favorite "night-night" song next to the ABC song. You crack me up boy.

You dance to Christine's piano music.

You always point out cars and the moon!

The moon was your favorite object to point out before you watched the "Cars" movie. After that movie, you found your new pointing object - the cars!

Now you run up and down stairs as if you were born knowing how.

You like jumping on our bed.

You never call us Mommy or Daddy. It is always Mom and Dad. Short and sweet.

You used to call me "Ba!" and I couldn't wait for you to call me "Mom!" and now you do I actually miss the "Ba!". Oh, Mommy is so hopeless in letting you go (grow).
We all love your impressive faces and your ability to charm us to death.

I love doing craft with you. You are one intense learner!

I am glad you enjoy the Apple poem we are learning together. I love it so much whenever you pull me to sit with you and recite the poem.

You would wave and say "Bye! See you!" to us whether you are leaving from or staying at the house.

Here are the short phrases you copied from us without us knowing:
"Here we go!"

"What's it?"

"Let('s) go!"

When we say "Ready, get set..." and you would quickly say "go!"

"NOoooo....!" (with the expression and tone just like us when we said it)

"T(h)ank you"

"Mine!!!" (it's mine)

"No mine" (which means it is not mine or it is not what I want)

You love those "Gold Fish" crackers so much that we can have you do anything including leaving your beloved play grounds as long as we have that as a "bait". :)

You love doing puzzles. I can't wait to play chess with you!
Reading with the soft classical background music is still one of your favorite things to do. I love it so much when I see you enjoying looking at books.

You are just about ready to be potty trained and yes, We are ready when you are. ♥

I told you last night that you will be three today and you repeated the number but I don't think you are comprehending the meaning of aging but I do, and I am so thankful that the Lord allows you to be in our life and the joy you have brought us.
We love you, Pete!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

We will never forget the day you came into our lives.

We celebrated your one-year-old birthday.

Your two-year-old birthday...

...and now, your three-year-old birthday!

~In the morning...

Morning tradition

Let's go get some donuts for birthday breakfast!

"That one, Dad! That one!"

Praying with Dad before enjoying the treat...

...and a kiss from mom.

~In the evening...

(pictures by Christine)

Anticipation mounting... (Peter thinking: "I think they are bringing something out to me...")

Cake! More sugar treat!

I love this cake angle...

Yummy! Chocolate cheesecake.


ABC game!!! Hooray!

That was a "B"...

This is an "H"...

The Penguin Marker for Pete!
We had a wonderful day with Peter. Thank you Lord, for given us a gift of life. So precious, so treasured.

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Jamie~ said...

How can you stand the preciousness that is Peter? Good golly, he's such a doll!

What a blessed addition to your family for the past three years. Where does the time go? Happy third birthday, Peter!