Friday, February 4, 2011

Small World

When you live in the same town for all your life, chances of running into people you know way back when is very likely to happen. So far I had a couple of incidents where I have met up with my high school teacher and an old boss.

But today, today it topped it all.

Last night when Robert and Joshua came home and told me that they will be going to a cadet's home to study for the up coming Color Guard competition, I was not very happy as they have spent so much time at CAP this last couple of weeks and Joshua is still trying to completely recover from his sickness. Anyway, after I accepted the fact that they are going I saw this address on the table, I took a deep breath, and asked:

"OK, who pulled this address out of the address basket?"

I asked because that's the address I know by heart.

"Oh, that's where we are going tomorrow." They replied.

"NO!" I think I screamed under my breath.

Well, that's not just an address. That's the place I lived for five years when I first came to America. My parents lived there six more years after I moved out.

I have taken the kids there to show them when they were little but never thought I would be "able" to actually see the inside of the house again!

How amazing was that as soon as I told the cadet's mom why I showed up with Joshua, she was so kind to let me go inside and I was down the memory lane instantly.

Everything looked mostly the same (I only got to see the down stairs) except the paint color.

I remember sitting in front of the TV watching all those shows to "learn" the language.

I remember all of the Christmases that took place in the living room.

I remember my brother's and sister's weddings taking place there in that same living room.

I remember my father walked me down that staircase with my wedding gown and greeted my first husband.

I remember the kitchen where my mom and my dad cooked the most wonderful meals for us.

I remember my parents took care of Erik for me when I had to work as a single parent and that Erik took his first steps going up and down those stairs with my grandmother behind him saying "careful boy, careful" (in Chinese, of course. :))

I remember Erik had his first birthday celebration in the huge backyard.

and on, and on...

It was definitely a flashback!

As I was thanking the mom who let me into the house, I couldn't help but ask if she owns the house. She said they are tenants. Imagine my surprise when I found out we have (had) the same landlord's last name. She told me that the landlord's son (the current owner) is actually fixing the downstairs bathroom and he had just stepped out to get some parts and that his name is Joe. I thought to myself, could that be the same Joe I went to high school with?

Not sure when Joe would be back and not wanting to intrude the mom any longer, we went to do a quick shopping at trader's Joe's and when we returned, Joe was back and was working in the bathroom.

When the door opened, out came the mom and Joe. Yup! That's the same Joe I knew from the same high school. Can't miss those smiling eyes!

We had a great time catching up and I introduced Robert and the family to Joe. He is married and have six children (beating me by two). The interesting thing is that he has moved out of town for years and has just been coming to fix the rental property these last few weeks. Providence indeed.

I have been reminiscing since we parted. I forgot to ask for his phone number or gave him mine. Oh well, maybe somehow we will run into each other again, just hope not in another thirty years! LOL!

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