Friday, February 11, 2011


Sometimes You can guess a person's diet by peeking into their refrigerator to see what is in there, or a little of their personalities (or circumstances) by the kinds of cars they drive, or their tastes of clothing by the way they dress, and so on. My case today is my kitchen utensils. Judging from the tools I have (or lack of), you can tell I am not much of a cook. I do cook, mind you, but only so that my family will not be starve. Occasionally I'd like to try some new recipes, very occasionally though. Anyway, Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons was wondering how readers keep their utensils - in a drawer or in a container? My answer to mine is both and more...

I am missing a couple of utensils here. They are in the sink to be washed. I use a small Spoon LB basket to house all the frequently use utensils here, next to my tray of cooking oils and sea salt. I have a small empty yogurt jar to hold the measuring spoons and mini spatulas. All within easy distance when I need them while cooking.

Directly down the counter top of the cooking utensils, I put all the non-sharp tools in this drawer. It took me a while to adjust to not getting knives out of there.

All the knives and cutting tools are lying in this extra baking dish inside the cupboard where Peter has not figured out how to get to them. We child proof the knives after Joshua woke up one morning seeing Peter waving two long chef's knives at him. Being scarred was an understatement.

I do re-purpose a pretty flower pot as a holder of the clean spoons, forks and knives that I just washed. I love how it looks by the sink. The flower pot was a Mother's Day gift. The tiny roses died and I just couldn't throw away a perfectly good pot. Here is another revealing, if you have not caught on yet... I am closer to a brown thumb than a green one. Ha!

This one was one of my favorite ways of storing the frequently used utensils and tableware. Unfortunately, they also met the fate of within the reach of Peter's hands and therefore, have been removed. I had this set up in 2009.
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