Monday, January 24, 2011

Motherhood Is Calling

I always thought I am pretty organized. Then sometimes I thought I am just somewhat organized.  For today though, I know I was not organized.

I woke up feeling tired.  That's usually the sign of either it is that time of the month or I am getting sick or... gasp!  I am not ready for the day. 

It all started yesterday.  Sunday is usually the day of rest for me.  I normally don't do much on Sundays and I usually take a nap (as my family lovingly told me that they know it is very important I have my Sunday nap and they will either play and talk quietly or they would go to the park so I could have a really quiet time resting up.) 

Well, I volunteered to help out the Food Share Program on Sunday afternoons.  Robert and I would show up and help them to unload and sort the vegetables.  Only one hour of work but it is right in the middle of my usual Sunday nap time.  I have been doing this since November and I think the effect of  the lacking of that Sunday nap is catching up with me.

Yesterday before the Food Share time, our church also had a Clothing Exchange (a community event) where I also help for the setting up. We swap Peter's clothing there every three months and I have yet a need to buy any new clothes for him - until he starts growing like a weed like his brother. :)

It is a wonderful event truly, but by the time everything was done, I was so wiped out.  I was going to make my dinner (plan A) but found out I was missing a key ingredient to the recipe (someone confessed later that it was used for another recipe - problem with more than one cook in the house. :)), then I thought I would make another dinner (plan B) since I have ALL of the ingredients for that recipe.  But the chicken went bad - oh, have you ever smelled spoiled raw chicken meat?  So I went to the last choice (plan C), I had some prepared food in the freezer, I ended up defrosted and heated it up in the microwave and called it dinner.  My family is such a trooper.  They hung in there watching me make magic, pulling things out of the bag refrigerator/freezer - and eating the *dinner*.

-- After thought, I should have stuck to my emergency dinner plan - Chinese sausages and stir fired vegetable and rice.  But my brain was not functioning well at that point.

After the "fantastic" dinner, I collapsed into the "black hole" (our black love seat) and watched a Christmas movie (yep, you heard me right, a Christmas movie - I love snowy shows because I don't think I will ever get to see it in person).  Even thought it was a Christmas movie, the plot was so touching that I think I can watch it over and over, Christmas or not.  The title?  Snow + Christmas = White Christmas!

So, needless to say, I was completely out of sort and not as prepared for the day this morning.  I will be catching up this evening since I will have some free time. 

I like routines.  When I am not in a routine, I really feel like I am just passing the day and nothing seems to get done, and that, my friends, disturbs me.

So, motherhood is calling and I must answer the call.  Hut, two three, four... Here I go!

Have I shown you this picture yet?  I can't get enough of Peter's pattern play! :)

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Jamie~ said...

I totally understand! Sunday naps are sacred around here. I'll be glad when the baby comes and everyone will let me nap as much as I'd like. LOL.

Thanks again for linking up! I'm really enjoying your pictures of Peter's patterns. My oldest son is the same way!

wholesomewomanhood said...

I love seeing all of the pictures of Peter and his patterns. :-)

It snowed out here a couple of weeks ago. Next year (if it snows) you'll have to come out and visit us. :-)