Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Year Has Past

You have turned thirteen!  Seems like we had just celebrated your twelfth birthday and now it is here again.  You are legally a teenager today.

Looking back to this past year, your dad and I have watched you grow more and more into a fine young man who takes responsibility seriously.  Your integrity was not compromised even in the midst of a temptation which could almost justify it should you give in.  You stood your ground.  We are so proud of you. 

One of your favorite thing to do is telling jokes and you are learning your timing and place to do so.  The learning curves of life were not always easy to take but you took them like a "man".  You are teachable (one of the good characters of yours that I like a whole lot) and always willing to do better after realizing your wrongs.

We continue to ask the Lord to protect you, both physically and spiritually.  This world is not getting any better and you know it.  We pray that for this coming year, the Lord will continue to give you discernment on all situations you will encounter. We pray that you will continue to seek Him first in all things.  We pray that your cheerful attitude will remain even in the most difficult circumstance you may found yourself.

We thank you the Lord for you, Joshua, today and forever.

Happy birthday, son.

This little helper was very eager to help pick out something for breakfast...

Thank you Lord for another great year and the great donuts...


Requested lunch...

and dinner!

The ultimate birthday treat.

and cake too?

Thirteen candles? No problem... I have good lungs...

Mom's "green" birthday gift bag, used year after year...

Something I desperately needed.  I grew about 6 inches this past year.  I pass mom's height, YES!!!

Christine made me another birthday card and all the wishes from everyone in the family.

Oh, and something I WANT! Thanks, family!

and grandma Liz spoiled me rotten with her gift.

Thank you Christine for taking most of the pictures. What a great day the Lord has given us!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that Joshua is 13!! Wow! I still think of him as the little boy in my elementary science class. :-)

Happy Birthday Josh!!