Thursday, December 23, 2010

Spider Vs. Golden Chain

Have you ever made "Tree Spiders" with those decorative pipe cleaners?  We made a few some years ago at one of the Keeper's meetings.  Every year when the tree was up, Erik, Christine and Joshua would throw those "spiders" at the tree and there the "spiders" would stay.  We thought it was a fun activity, that is, until this year...

Can you spy the "spider"?

Well, this year, when we tried to introduce the spider throwing act to Peter, he literally screamed out of fright!  He did not like the texture of the pipes and just refused to touch the thing and kept pointing at it and said "bider! bider!"  Not wanting to give him nightmare, we decided to break down the spiders and showed him stick by stick that they really are just a whole bunch of short pipe sticks.  We eventually made a sparkling chain out of the "spiders" to calm him down.  Peter is fine with the chain.  We will try again next year and see if he will be better with it...

The golden chain.  It actually looks very good on the tree. 
Note to myself: Try making the golden train in place of the popcorn chain next year.

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