Monday, August 16, 2010

Window Shopping

I never could just window shop, I just shop.  Ask my sister.  She knows me best in that regard.  Well, that was true until three days ago.

Friday, I went to Target to get a new calendar for the new school year.  After I picked it up, I should have headed over to the other isle to get my other two items on my list... BUT, my eyes lead me down to the opposite direction - the binder racks.

You see, I am a SHE, so naturally I LOVE anything stationary.  Binder is my biggest weakness.  I would look at it , touch it, murmur (!) at it and in my brain trying to think up a good reason to take it home with me.  So this time was no different.  I did all of those things until the last part... I began to reason why I SHOULDN'T TAKE IT HOME instead!
It was like coming out of a deep spell, I dropped the binder like a hot potato!  I don't need another binder.  I already have a gazillion of binders at home that I am trying to get rid of. 

I was so proud of myself for not taking that home with me.

But, it was more than a binder, it was a freeing from the bondage of stuff.  I have been minimizing my home since early this year and I have been retraining my brain to always ask that million dollar question: "Do I need this?" when I WANTED to buy something.  It was that question that has kept me off many stores and online shops all these months. So, yeah, the Target trip was a good pop quiz of my self control - and I passed the quiz! I walked out of Target with three items - The calendar, paper shredder and a pack of dish drying clothes.  Exactly what I had planned for before going into the store.

To my dearest window shopping queen sister, I have been reformed and you may take me with you window shopping anytime now! ♥

My first book on how to get organized back in 1982.  So much memories...

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Kim said...

You should be PROUD!!! I too am a reformed impulse shopper. I now must justify every purchase w/an immediate use or placement of an item before it gets put in my shopping cart or basket. the hardest time I have w/this rule is scrapbook supply shopping!