Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Calendar

It is done!  I have been wanting to get this done since the beginning of August.  Now I only need to get on with my daily lesson schedule then we are ready to begin our next school year.

Today is one of those very busy days so this post is short.

Got to run.  Have a great rest of Tuesday!

I blurred the picture for privacy reason.  It is color coded so we know who has what outside school activities even from far away.  I really like this Real Simple brand calendar.  This is our second year using this style calendar.  The stickers are removable so if plan changes we just move the stickers around.  Works for me!


Marianne said...

Good job. Seems like you are running a busy family. Good luck on your lesson plans, you are half way done now :)

Our Lives said...

Thank you Marianne. It was a very busy week and day but I remember I need to post my project. :)

Amy Bowman said...

That blurry photograph makes me happy!! Such a colorful, cheery and organized looking calender. So fun to have you linking up!!