Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday: Almost back to school

August is almost half gone.  Unbelievable.  School days are just around the corner.  Actually, Christine has already started her school time back in August 2nd.  Since she is a VERY independent student, it has not affected my daily schedule too much, except the fact that we don't get to see her happy face down stairs much since then.

I needed to get Joshua's curriculum ready and today was the day I decided to tackle it.  The boxes have been sitting there (sort of out of sight - I made sure of it) for a while, patiently waiting for me to open them.

I pulled all the books out from the shipping boxes and stacked the textbooks up by subjects.  After that, I cleared out the old books of a homeschooling material shelf and put the new books up there.  In the past, I would just line the books against each up on the shelf (by subject), this year though, I remember the black magazine holders my friend gave me so I got them out and cleaned them up, put the books, again, by subject, into each of the holders.  After I organized the holders on the shelf, I labeled them for easy retrieval.

It was a fairly simple project, but it was put on the back burner too long.  I am glad it is done now.

I have two more things to do before we can start school - Lesson plan and my school calendar.

Hope to get them done by next Tuesday!

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Marianne said...

Good going. I always have to say that I really admire moms who homeschool, I know I could not do it and I am a teacher (just have not worked for as one for many years now).
I am just proud of myself for having all of the school supply all together for my girl.
Can't wait to hear about your plans next Tuesday. Way to go...

Our Lives said...

I almost gave up in the beginning but I was sent a veteran homschooling mom to hold my hand through. I belong to a very organized homeschooler support group and it helped greatly. Now I can't imagine a non-homeschooling life. Since you have been a teacher, it may be an easy transition for you should you decide to homeschool your children. I have some school teacher friends who are so happy to be home teaching their own children. If you ever consider it, take small steps and do lots of research. :)