Monday, August 9, 2010


We had a busy start of the day.  I dropped Josh off to one of his CAP activities early this morning and will be running around all day, making some phone calls and maybe checking on some emails as well.

This kind of Mondays can affect me in two ways.  It either pumps me up or drags me down, depending on the outcome of the busyness.

Right now I am kinda feeling like I am in a limbo. 

Hopefully as the day progresses, I will be more on the up side.

I never understand Monday blue that people talk about because I almost always have busy Mondays.  I think today I am feeling it? 

Anyway, it is very odd that I am writing so early in the morning too, I don't usually blog until half of a day has gone by or at night time when the house is quite.

I have not blogged for a while and I think I am also experiencing some sort of writer's block.  Perhaps it will get better if I just keep on writing about the day.

I wonder if it is because I am in my summer break that puts me in this mode?

Well starting Peter's laundry will be a good motivation to get me going... then the errands... then prep the dinner... My current task strategy:  If all things fail, just wash the clothes and make the dinner and call it a day.

Can't post without a picture... here is Peter all soaking wet in the July 4th celebration at our church ground.

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*Nikki* said...

summer just does something wierd to you..i have been in the same boat..i guess the heat just makes me wanna be lazy! I like the colder weather!