Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sister's Love

I am talking about my kids again. I can't help it. I feel so blessed to have all these wonderful kids. God is so good to me.

Christine came to me yesterday and said that she would like to make a card and a cake for Peter's birthday since she will be gone this weekend. I said yes but was so surprised when she showed me the card she made. She did a great job!

We decided to celebrate Peter's special day tomorrow since his sister will be gone on his birthday.

Just for the joy of it, I thought you might like to see Christine's card making series over at her blog.

Right now, Peter is so fascinated about butterflies and flowers. Hence the butterfly card!


Melissa said...

That's beautiful! She did a great job, and how sweet of her to want to do that for her brother! Doesn't it just make your mommy-heart burst with pride!

Jamie~ said...

How wonderful!! What a lovely big sister.

Joyfull said...

It's beautiful! She is talented and generous. What a blessing.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful gift! I can see why he loved it! Wouldn't that be nice to frame?

(and I hope you never stop posting about your kids... 'cause if you do, I'll have to and I don't think I have it in me)