Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Peter!

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You turned two this morning. How could you be turning two my dearest little one? You have considered yourself a big boy now. You don't need my hand when you walk down stairs. You can drink milk out of a glass and holding it at a perfect angle. You give me the biggest bear hug ever just to show me how "strong" you are. You give me this "stick on my cheek" kind of kisses to show me how much you love me. Oh, my heart swoons every time you fly into my arms. How could you be turning two, my little one?

I am looking forward to all the ABC and 123 we will be doing soon. I am looking forward to the times when you discover something marvelous through your curious mind. I am looking forward to tasting all of the interesting food with you. I am so looking forward to start your third year of life with you, my dear one.

We celebrated you yesterday and we are just enjoying you all day today. Your sister did a good job taking these pictures for us so that we will always remember the day before you turned two.

In the morning....


Mommy and Peter.


The biggest kiss ever!

Time to go outside. Yay!!!


Run some more...

With Mommy this time.

How do you want me to pose, sister?

Soaking in all the sunlight...

Hi there, thank you grandpa and grandma Liz for my birthday gift...

Oh I wish my grandpa gets well soon so he can see me run...

In the evening...

Our good friends came over to celebrate Peter with us.

And a huge BALLOON!!! (Peter has been in balloon heaven since last night)

Is Mr. Green cute or what?
Getting acquainted with Mr. Bee.

No other game can beat this one (the speed stacks).

Emily posed with Mr. Bee. :)

Peter's first blowing toy (hard to believe but it took more effort for him to blow than to suck).

He made it after about 10 tries!!!!

Happy birthday to you....

I love this photo's lighting effect that Christine did. btw, the candle base that sat next to the #2 candle plays the "Happy Birthday" tune. Joshua got it at the Dollar store. Nifty.

See if I like the cake my sister made for me... (He did. He garbled up the whole piece of cake)

The Neuzils gave Peter a butterfly habitat. It is a cool mesh container that Peter will be watching the butterfly metamorphoses when we get the eggs.

Can you tell he is saying the word "butterfly"here?

He was so excited and we just loved watching him repeating the word butterfly all over the box. Thank you dear friends for such thoughtful gift.

Yeap, more butterfly! We will be taking Peter and our grand kids to a Natural History Museum to watch the Monarch butterflies fly away in April. I can't wait!

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