Saturday, February 20, 2010

At 23 months

One more month Peter will be two!!! How exciting!

This last month Peter has jumped yet another notch of growth.

He now weights around 35 pounds, thanks to the daily avocado intake?

I have not measured him but he is definitely on the tall and big side. We will find out all these statistics at his two years old check up next month.

Below is my "monthly report" of Peter's life.

~ He is pacifier free for a month now! Yay!!!

~ He loves bagel with cream cheese and the multi grain waffle for breakfast (plus his own avocado, yogurt with maple syrup and/or banana). Goat milk and/or diluted juice afterward. He definitely eats like a king in the morning, prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner. Good eating guidelines I found out.

~ He loves to eat candied pecans (we used these for our salad and he tasted it and the rest is history).

~ He loves to eat the home made croutons for snacks.

~ He is curious just about everything.

~ He is able to walk up and down stairs without any assistance although I still walk by him just to be sure.

~ He went down stairs by himself one time and scared the day light out of me. He was so happy that he could do that ALL BY HIS LITTLE SELF!

~ He knows where his clean socks are and retrieves them every morning when he gets dressed.

~ It is such a delight to watch him discovering new things.

Techno "walking" towards Peter.

~ He still likes to doodle and is now in love with the color pencils.

~ He now can't take nap or go to bed without mommy reading to him and rocking him in her arms first.

~ He absolutely loves bathing or anything relates to splashing.

~ We are currently having "Tuggy the tug boat" and "Ten in bed" as part of the before bed reading. He enjoys looking at the pictures while mommy reads.

~ All his teeth are in now. All twelve of them.
~ Watching old movies has become a favorite part of his day activites. His favorite so far is Mary Poppins (it is our family's favorite too).

~ Marching with brother Josh is a new fond activity.
~ Looking at sister's photos and video clips land him a chance to sit on her lap.

~ Playing ball and building Lego with Daddy is his best pastime fun.
~ Last but not least, going to the park and play on the gym, slide and grass or just plain running around fits him any time of the day!
Happy 23 months old, Peter! We love you!!!

Techno was Joshua's "dog" when he was Peter's age. How we wish our kids could have real dogs. Maybe one day.

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