Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The story of my glass canisters

Most of my friends know how much I like glass jars. I have been re-purposed lots of my apple sauce jars in the past. Look here, here and here.

One night last week while I was reading a blog, the blogger talked about counter canisters and had posted a picture of the most beautiful Pewter (my other weakness) canisters set. But the price! Whoa! I don't think I would ever be able to afford them!

That post got me thinking about canisters. Where could I get some that are reasonable priced? I don't do garage sale sailing much and I don't know enough friends who have things like that to pass on to me. Oh well, it was a nice thought.

As always, right before I logged off I usually checked my emails one last time.

And lo and behold! There they were - someone from the was giving out a box of glass canisters! Not canning jars, but canisters! Not one or two but sixteen of them! Imagined my surprise and delight.

Since I was the first person who responded to the email, therefore, they all came home with me the next day. I was so excited!

Besides the two un-marked ones, the canisters were all made in Italy or France. I Googled and got some gaskets for them immediately and spent the following day putting them up around my kitchen. The canisters seemed to warm up the area instantly.

Now I know exactly what ingredients I have on hand at a glance. Love it. The best part, it cost me only $9.90 for the whole thing (gaskets).

Do you like how they are set up?

I got three of them lined up by my oils/soy sauce tray.

I always had a hard time keeping that kitchen opening ledge clutter free. The little canisters did a great job filling the space up. My "glass of the day central" still going strong, as you can see. :)

My pasta look so good grouping together.

These are not canisters but little empty store bought yogurt jars. I am attempting a white kitchen look. :)

I filled the little jar with coarse Kosher salt that I have in my spice cabinet (like, forever), and placed a tea candle in it. It works for me!


burkemc said...

I love your glass jars! Your kitchen looks fabulous with all those lined up. What a great idea.

Amy said...

I'm jealous of your steal, but happy for you, too! We both have a crazy love for glass jars, silly isn't it?:)
I love the candles and may have to copy!