Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another great recycle of my apple sauce jar

Today when I was making my coffee, I pulled out my sugar bag and remembered I was to find a "home" for it instead of keep spooning the sugar out of the bag. When I turned around and saw my empty apple sauce jar, a light bulb went on! Because it is holding edibles and not just baking soda, I decided to label it. I got out my pretty photo mounting paper and had Christine calligraphy it. It turned out very cute. I have other sugar bags in the cupboard and I think I would just go ahead and do the same things with them. After all, I only have around 20 empty glass jars hanging around. Did I mention I like my jars? LOL!

Poured the sugar in the jar. It looked too plain...

Pretty paper and calligraphy to the rescue!

To cover the prints on the lid, I stuck a big sticker on

A happy face greets me every morning for a cup of coffee.

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