Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seven Uses Of The Empty Spice Jars

I shop at Trader Joe's for most of my spices. In my opinion, their spice price is right. I especially like the jars the spices came in. After I used up my Sea Salt and Garlic Powder (I go through those real fast), I would re-purpose the little jars. They are the perfect size for small portion of things. Here are some (little) glass jar storage ideas I have been using! They work for me!

Beside the obvious use for a home made Chili Powder...

I use it as a personal salad dressing bottle for hubby's lunch box to go with his salad.

Oh, and stay healthy while I am on a week-long trip.

Dark Chocolate Pomegranate snack in the car. Heaven.

Don't forget that one small portion in the diaper bag.

How about some wake me up on a camping trip?

Party time for the kiddos!

The artist in me.... :)

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