Thursday, January 28, 2010

California Winter Colors

For the longest time, Robert and I have wanted to move to another state where there are four seasons. But for one reason or another we just could not make the move. Now looking back we knew that the Lord's hand was definitely in all of these let downs. He closed all the doors. Yet He left the window open so we could see that the grass is not always greener on the other side (state), literally.

While we had a whole week of rain storm last week, some states were having snow storms. We tried to stay dry and I got a lot of chores done in the house and projects planned.

Then one afternoon when I was doing something in the sink, I glanced over and saw the colors of my fruit on the counter, I could not help but praise the Lord for His goodness.

We have COLORS in the midst of winter here in California!

And the SUN came back out yesterday!

We still like the four-season weather but the desire of moving out of the state has subsided.

So for the joy of it, I like to share the California winter colors with you!

Yum (and so thankful)!!

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Sharon said...

Absolutely! The one thing I missed when I lived in No Cal was the colors of the fall.... it was so brown and dead. But oh boy, when the spring rolled in for early March --- HEAVEN.

Thanks for sharing your JOY!