Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visual Reminders

Have you ever had the moment that a thought, an idea or a task need to be done all flooded into your mind while you are washing dishes or while working in a project? That happen to me all the times! I have learned to remind myself to take care of them by placing visual reminders near me so when I finished whatever I was doing I could get to them immediately, before Peter wakes up and won't be distracted by other "urgent" stuff.

For example, this morning while putting away the clean dishes from the sink, I knew I want to clean my sink with the baking soda, so I grab the baking soda from under the sink and just sat it by the sink. When I finished the putting away, I realized I haven't vacuumed the kitchen floor for two days. Not wanting to "forget" again, I quickly dashed to the garage and got the hand held vacuum and smacked it down right in the center of the kitchen floor so I won't miss it. I usually try not to have too many visuals at a time (I would get overwhelmed). Three is the limit. The last visual for this morning was that I want to post this as my WFMW post so I jotted the tittle down on a piece of paper and tossed it just now as I am finishing this post. I got three things done this morning. I will probably have more visual reminders as the day progresses, but only three at a time.

This trick works for me!


Lynn said...

Great ideas. I need visual reminders, too. I love writing down things as they occur to me so I can refer to them later :)

~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

I often do the same thing. Just a small visual reminder helps me to get more done. My biggest is putting the things I need to get mailed off on the table the night before. Huge help!