Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Tree

One of our family's Christmas traditions is getting the Christmas tree. We usually haul it home two weeks after Thanksgiving. This year, in light of the tight budget, I attempted to talk everyone into getting a fake tree. Let me just say, if looks can kill, I'd probably be dead many times over! My family wants a real tree. The kids even suggested getting little or no gift from us but we MUST have a live Christmas tree! Well, the majority votes won. Case sealed. Then, on Friday morning, I woke up thinking, if this is going to be an unmovable family tradition, I would like for us to do it all the way "real". We should just go and cut down a Christmas tree like the old times when people did just that. One thing I didn't factor in though, is that we live in a suburb, in order to do that, we need to find a tree farm that is responsible with the replanting of the cut tree. I also knew it would cost more then if we just pick one up from a tree lot by our home. Desiring to give an unforgettable memories of this year's "new" Christmas tree tradition to our children, I decided to ignore the tight budget we had just set out for these next two years.

The children were excited. We all piled in our little car and drove to a nearby town to search for that perfect tree... in the rain.

Shortly before we left, my dear husband reminded me that we did the "live" tree cutting thing way back when (I think it was about 14 years ago) and that I had a miserable time and has vowed not to ever do that again. Well, it must be a long time ago. I now treasure times we could spend with our children and making fond family memories that they could take with them when they leave home. Erik liked that tree cutting experience. Now he has a family of his own, I am sure he is blending his and Emma's tree experience and creating one uniquely theirs.

Anyway, with much excitement, we drove through towns to get our tree. We could not find that tree farm we went years ago. Would it be possible that it went out of business? After almost two hours driving, Peter was restless and I became dismayed at the fact that we would not be cutting any tree that day. We eventually gave up and started homeward bound. Everyone was quiet. Then Joshua spoke out that we should just go to Home Depot and get the tree like we always have done and that we should start this tree cutting tradition after we are debt free in two years. Christine agreed entirely with Joshua. Robert and I looked at each other, could not believe what we heard. what considered children we have. What a blessing!

Since the storm had started to pour and Peter NEEDED his nap desperately, we decided to pick up the tree the next day, and yes, at Home Depot. A 3.5 footer, for $20.

That perfect live Christmas tree will still be out there waiting for us, and we will go get it, but like Joshua said, in two years.

How interesting that I was the one who wanted to give the children an unforgettable Christmas tree experience, but instead, it was them who gave me an unforgettable one.

First string of lights testing.

Peter was wide eyed watching his sibling put up the tree lights and ornaments... It was precious to see Christmas cheer through his eyes.

Our humble Christmas tree.

It is another one of our traditions that the youngest child in the family got a picture taken pointing at the tree topper.

Christine has taken over all of the Christmas decorating and is doing a very fine job.
Christine also changed the header banner for me. She had lots of fun creating the banner. I only needed to let her know which pictures I like to have on. Do you like the new banner she created?

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