Monday, December 7, 2009

Everyday Life

Perhaps it was the rain, or perhaps it is the Christmas season that has caused me feeling philosophical. All day today I kept finding myself thinking about life - Life and death. Light and darkness. Right and wrong. Just and unjust. Joy and sorrow. Eternal and temporal. Ordinary and ex-ordinary. Simple and complicated. True meaning of Christmas and family tradition. You know, all those extreme opposite things. As always, I do not have conclusions for most of my thoughts. I am just thankful that I do not have to worry too much as SOMEONE already did my life's planning for me. God gives me only one day, one night at a time to deal with (or live in) lest me not concern with things that are out of my control.
We are back to some sort of normal after ten days of busyness with the kids drama performances. Grams loved the kids show and we had a wonderful visit. They left on Saturday morning after treating us out to breakfast at Coco's. Thank you Dad and Liz for spoiling us!
Here are some everyday life photos. Stories of our lives.

Christine hacked into her piggy bank to retrieve the money she's been saving for her camera.

"Miss Piggy" was quite fat. She "ate" a good portion of Christine's saving since last year.

Peter got a special breakfast bonus (after his regular healthy one). He got a "silver dollar" size of pancake specially made by daddy! He was trying to be a little gentleman here using his fork...

And gave up after a few attempts and used his trusty fingers instead.

It rained almost all day today. I love rainy days when I don't have to go out. But today I had to run a few errands with the kids. Not so bad though as I left myself plenty of time for each trip.

And we received a surprise from Dad and Liz in the mailbox! The Swiss Colony Holiday Collection. Thank you!! We had fun trying out all the different little things.

Then Christine and Joshua decided to have an arm wrestling match. Christine won the first couple of times but got tired and Joshua took over the crown afterward.


Sharon said...

my little guy pretends to use his fork too... so grown up, aren't they?

We had SNOW instead of rain... sure is pretty though!

Our Lives said...

Snow = white Christmas! How I wish to have a white Christmas. perhaps one day... :)