Thursday, December 31, 2009


All the boys get their haircut at home in this house. I have been cutting their hair since 1988 when my oldest son turned one. I didn't go to a hair cutting school (wish I did), but with all of these years' practices, I am comfortable in cutting their hair without complains from them.

The best part of the cutting process is the one-on-one time I have with my boys. We could talk without interruptions! I treasured those small talks.

Just for the joy of it, I am posting the before & after haircut pictures for you to enjoy!

He was so due for an hair cut.

The hair cut seemed to have changed his look!

No, Peter didn't get his first haircut today. See how tight he's holding onto his cap? He didn't want an haircut. I was not a least bit insistent. I like baby's long hair. My view is that once he get the first cut, his hair will never return to that soft texture again.


Jamie said...

I, too, cut my boys' hair and it always looks so much better! I also like the feeling of accomplishment and knowing I didn't have to pay a barber. I'm cheap that way!

Looks like you did a fantastic job. Won't be long before the baby is ready for one, too. Are you ready?

Our Lives said...

Thank you Jamie. :) No, I am so not ready to cut my baby's hair (I don't want to...Waahh...). I didn't calculate it, but I think I saved some money over the years for cutting the boys hair at home. My oldest son had his wife cut his hair too until he went into the service.