Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fifteen years, thirty years

As I paid the clerk at Hallmark for yet another figurine for her birthday tomorrow, I was amazed at how fast the time has gone by. Christine is turning 15 tomorrow. I looked at the figurine, yes, it depicts a dreamy 15 year-old brunet in a pretty long flowing dress and an umbrella at her side. It reminds me of Christine.

I remember getting the one-year-old figurine for her (my niece Blessin inspired me to started the collection by giving her a baby figurine at her first birthday party). I've been purchasing the figurines from the same store for 15 years. It is a long time, at the same store.

No birthday party. I will cook a birthday dinner of her choice or if she would like, we could go out to eat, after all, it will also be celebrating my thirty years living in America. Christine was born fifteen years after I came to this precious free land.

Christine has turned into a lovely young lady over the years. She has always been sweet and has such a tender spirit and compassion toward others - especially her family. You know how difficult it sometimes could be to have a younger brother. She was determined to be kind to him and she has been. She admires her older brother and has a special respect of how her brother is taking on the responsibility of raising his young family.

Christine loves her Dad. She is obedient to his teaching and is treasuring all of the time they have spent together. He is always interested in whatever she is involved with at the moment. They had such bonding time through the Mock Trial class she took last year. They always talked about the case and thought up answers and whatnot's. I am thankful that she possesses such sweet character.

She loves me, too. I've enjoyed all of the good times and sad times with her. We both love Starbucks coffee and we both love thrift shopping. We both are practical and love organization (her room is much organized than mine at this point). :) We both love spiritual things and fellowship. I am so thankful for having her in my life, I pray that we would only be getting closer as she grows older.

She is at a "summer end party" right now. That's good as we won't be having a b-day party for her this year. I am hoping to have one next year when she turns sixteen.

Sixteen. Wow.

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