Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday girl

Good morning, birthday girl!

Joshua's "birthday banner" for his sister.

A card and gift from Pa and Ma.

A simple birthday gift from Joshua.

We like the print and color of the card ( and the words, too).

She got her fifteenth birthday girl figurine.

A line-up of Christine's birthday girl figurines.

Each one of them holds a fond memory of that year.

A balloon bouquet surprise! Thank you, Moore family!
A beautiful Lang mug from Melissa. May I borrow it to sip my Chai tea sometimes?... :)
A simple birthday dinner after a full day.

Birthday cake.

Grandma Laurene came by to eat some cake with us.

We had a great day spending time together celebrating Christine's birthday today. We did our home worship and devotion this morning. At noon Christine and I went to get a hand bag she's been eyeing on for a while; After lunch we all headed out to the clothes-exchange event at GBC. We got some nice used clothes there (new to us), followed by drinks at Starbucks and Jamba Juice in T.O. Christine found a long blouse for a very reasonable price at the Jans mall Marshall's. Came home. While I was fixing the mashed potatoes they left for Costco to get the roasted chicken (I didn't defrost the whole chicken early enough to roast our own, picked up a birthday cake at TJ and had our simple dinner (Christine wanted mashed potatoes due to the braces she has on her teeth). After dinner, Robert went to pick up his mom to come for the dessert and we visited for a little while. It is great to only take about 10 minute round trip for the drive. They are now watching an old movie so I thought I would blog and record the day's events.
Thank you Paupau (my mom), Grandpa and Grandma Liz, Neuzil family, Kasey, Moore family and Grandma Laurene, for celebrating Christine's birthday with us! She's saving most of the gifts toward her camera, she is getting pretty close now and is very excited!

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